Hello! I am excited you are here to meet me!! Yah, that is me. Ifong. Kinda short, rounded, cat smiling face. I am so ordinary that you would not recognize me at any location, even if you were just 20 feet away. But if you walk 10 feet closer, you will find that I have a big smile on my face and am full of energy ready to hug you. And if you come even closer, maybe right up to my face, you will find the spark that fills my eyes and a great passion for the most earthy human emotions. I love my grandmother's old old wedding pictures. The fresh face without any winkles laughing beside my grandfather moved me to become a photographer. I witness honest love with my lens and unfold life stories as they should be. Meet me, trust me, and let me jump outside the box with you in the most beautiful way. If this is you too, then come meet me!